Lozier Shelving Parts

Lozier Shelving Parts

  1. Lozier Upright
    The upright is one of the main pillers to the shelving unit.
  2. Top Spanner
    Covers the top of the shelving unit.
  3. Back Board
    Believe it or not the back board provides most of the stability of the gondola unit from rocking from side to side.
  4. Lowwer Spanner
    The back board rests on the lowwer spanner

    Lozier Shelving Parts

  5. Base Shoe
    Snaps securely into the upright and supports the load.

  6. Upright Cover
    Covers the rough basic upright.

  7. Base Shoe Cover
    Covers the rough base shoe.

  8. Base Shelf
    Rests on top of the base shoes and is the first portion of the fixture to display merchandise.

  9. Front Kick Plate
    Rests on the floor and connects to both base shoes.

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